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your questions about window restoration answered


There are several avenues to window repair and restoration which we will be able to discuss with you at the time of our consultation.


Tune-ups can typically be done in one day.  Our team is capable of completing up to 4 window openings in a day.  
Restorations for 4-6 window openings can take as long as 4-6 weeks.


We are committed to your satisfaction. A window fit can change season to season and we will happily adjust the fit in the first year after work is completed at no additional charge. 


There are a number of reasons to avoid using vinyl windows. What drives us to do this work is the beauty and functionality in old wood, old glass, and hardware. The materials of your original sash are irreplaceable. When Julie did an internship in Massachusetts it was not uncommon to work on sash from the late 1700s!   
This article lists the top ten reasons to restore your window, and says it better than we ever could!


Julie Whalen hosts restoration seminars for businesses located in historic buildings, educational institutions, historic societies and more. Contact us for more details! 
**We do not provide training to individual homeowners.  
An excellent DIY blog you may be interested in checking out:


Our team will need an area of about 3 x 6 cleared in front of the windows, draperies and window treatments removed. We will also need access to electricity and water when working in your home.


The most common issue seen on sash is many layers of paint coated on the windows. This of course affects the operation of the window but even more problematic is that paint will no longer adhere to the sash. So you have to remove all of the paint and start over. 


we don’t work on vinyl or aluminum windows or any windows built after 1960.

- Oregon Department of Transportation

"I believe retaining original materials is the best choice for a historic resource in an ethical sense, but also in a material sense because it reduces material use and cost while retaining the historic fabric.My favorite part of working with you was your passion for the work, your dedication to quality, and your strong work ethic. Because of these qualities, it was easy to trust you to conduct the work with a high level of craftsmanship in a timely manner – which you certainly delivered!

My favorite part of working with you was your passion for the work, your dedication to quality, and your strong work ethic

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