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Julie writes clear contracts which will outline our agreed upon time frames and project costs; you will never have any surprises from me. 

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We offer different levels of services that can accommodate your budgetary needs, so you don’t have to feel you have to take on too much of a financial commitment at one time.

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Instead of chemical strippers, WWR uses infrared heat and manual removal.


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Willamette Window Restoration, LLC was established in 2017 by Julie Whalen as the sole owner and employee.  Happily, it has grown quickly and is now staffed by a great and talented group of craftspeople and artisans.  Our small but mighty team loves this work and are committed to your satisfaction.   Julie is a licensed contractor in the state of Oregon, Construction Contractors Board (CCB) # 219386.

Willamette Window Restoration, LLC, practices safe lead paint handling and removal process. Julie has completed the EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting training. Julie possesses a Certified Lead-Based Paint Renovation Contractors License, #LBPR219386, through the CCB and is certified to conduct lead-based paint activities and renovations. 

We are deeply passionate about historic preservation and saving America’s old windows.

There is beauty and functionality in old wood, old glass and hardware and it is a pleasure to restore them to life

I’ve lived in Oregon for 30 years and in Lane County since 1996.  I retired as a park manager from Oregon Parks & Recreation Department after a 25-year career.  I am a woman contractor and the sole owner of my construction business.  
I fell in love with preservation when I was a park manager.  I had the chance to manage a historic mill, and through that experience came to appreciate the value of preserving history.  
Along with a host of valuable skills learned during those years, I found myself managing a heritage site with several historic buildings and an endless amount of wooden windows!  
It was at this juncture that my curiosity and interest in the beauty and economy of restoring old windows was piqued.  
It is a true pleasure to be a part of saving the community's history.  


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It takes 41 years to recoup the cost of replacement windows, yet they only last an average of 15-20 years.

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Original windows keep the depth, character, and craftsmanship of your home that replacement windows can't match.

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Restoring windows will add another 100 years of life with minimal maintenance. New vinyl windows have a warranty of 20 years.

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Once wood and steel windows have been restored they can actually exceed the current energy requirements in the building code.

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energy savings

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Asset 5

Four reasons why you should restore or repair your windows

- Dena and Mike

We knew that repairing the windows versus replacing would be an investment in time
and money. We also knew that finding the right company for this project would be
difficult. Thankfully, we found the right person. Julie with Willamette Window
Restoration LLC visited our site, reviewed the situation and came up with a plan to
replace broken glass, make sash openings operable, remove and replace loose glazing, re-
rope upper & lower sash cords, and replace missing sash weights. She provided the work
in a timely and professional manner. It was amazing to watch the work proceed and now
we have windows that open and close easily allowing the spring breeze and fresh air in,
while also keeping with the historical look and safety for this home.

"It was amazing to watch the work proceed and now we have windows that open and close easily allowing the spring breeze and fresh air in, while also keeping with the historical look and safety for this home."

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